Vadim Ivanenko
CEO & Founder
We are building a close relationships
with business partners,
becoming a family, focused on the same goals.
Only working this way it is possible
to reach a synergy and build a successful businesses.




Fundraising Marketing & Advisory
Consulting, strategy, planning, documentation, performance
Blockchain Ecosystems & Smart Contracts
Custom designed research based Ecosystems, DApps & ICO solutions
Software Design & Development
UX/UI design, websites, mobile applications, branding
Funding & Investor Relations
Raising funds for startup companies and scaling businesses
Featured companies
Luft is an international digital agency
focused on reaching customers business goals.

Luft has a deep expertise in blockchain, finance, marketing, e-commerce,
medical, fitness, beauty, real estate, dating and entertainment fields.

Started in early 2013 and helped 50+ startups
to become successful and profitable.

From early 2017 Luft is focused on building and investing
innovative high-tech blockchain and crypto related startups,
operating on $10B+ market size
and high level scale possibility in next 3-10 years.

In 2018 Luft formed a joint venture with Optherium Labs,
which is a member of Crypto Valley Associations,
the Linux and Hyperledger Foundations
to create a Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure.
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